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The Return From The Bahamas

  • A tanker crossing our bow during our ocean crossing back to the U.S.A.
    (At night all you see of large ships like this are three small running lights in the darkness.)

  • Gail inside a giant fiddler crab, North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher
    (OK, so this is really made for kids. But, how could we just walk by a prop like this?)

  • The Spooner's Creek anchorage, NC
    (Now a bulkheaded basin circled by nice homes and boats.)

  • Our stern view of the ICW just north of Beaufort, NC

  • Our view heading up the ICW just north of Beaufort, NC

  • Alsios safe in a slip in Oriental, NC
    (She's already starting to re-develop an "ICW smile" on her bow from the tannin water.)

  • Slade Creek, NC
    (One of the most beautiful anchorages we've ever been in, not a house or other boat to be seen.)

  • Merchant's Millpond State Park, NC

  • The end of a nice meal with our friends Paul and Joyce

  • The Goat Island anchorage in the magical light before sunset
    (The trawler is named Lazy Dolphin. I radioed them two days later and emailed the photo.)

  • Lining up for the South Mills Lock, The Great Dismal Swamp Canal, NC

  • The mass of lift bridges approaching Norfolk, VA from the south
    (The two highway bridges in front and behind it are down.)

  • An aircraft carrier being worked on at dock, Norfolk, VA
    (I felt uncomfortable taking this photo post 9/11, but no one chased after us.)

  • Giving a tug and gravel barge a "one-whistle" pass, Norfolk, VA

  • Matthew - drenched after setting anchor in the misdst of a 40+ knot squall, Norfolk, VA
    (This dangerous squall, with quarter-inch hail, came with only 5 - 10 minutes warning.)

  • The "nice" Norfolk waterfront, just 2 hours after the squall
    (Although sunny and peaceful, the fire truck and ambulance sirens were still blaring.)

  • Hospital Point with Portsmouth, VA and ICW mile marker zero in the background
    (Portsmouth and Norfolk face each other across the Elizabeth River.)

  • Commercial docks, Norfolk , VA

  • A container ship at dock, Norfolk , VA

  • Coal freighters at dock, Norfolk , VA
    (The one on the right is full. The one on the left is partially empty.)

  • The sailboat, Drama Queen, asserting its right to the center of the channel.
    (We were dumbfounded that this sailboat didn't yield to the oncoming tanker.)

  • Passing the U.S. Navy destroyer by Norfolk, VA
    (The figure at the bow is manning a big machine gun.)

  • Old Point Comfort Light at Fort Munroe, Hampton Roads, VA
    (Rounding this point at the mouth of the James River marked our entry back into the Chesapeake.)

  • Anchored in the East River off Mobjack Bay in Virginia (a bit before sunset)

  • Fishing Creek off the Little Choptank River, MD

  • Fishing Creek off the Little Choptank River, MD

  • Waterman trot-lining for blue crabs in Fishing Creek off the Little Choptank River, MD

  • Hudson Creek off the Little Choptank River, MD
    (It's late morning and the gray skies from the previous evening's cold front have not yet burned off.)

  • Mansion off our stern, anchored in Hudson Creek off the Little Choptank River, MD
    (We didn't see any lights or activity in the mansion and assume it is only a vacation home.)

  • Waterman trot-lining for blue crabs in Hudson Creek off the Little Choptank River, MD

  • The "House on the Cliff", Herring Bay, MD
    (This is our day-mark for finding red #2 to round the shoal when returning home.)

  • The view of Tracy's Creek and Rockhold Creek from Herring Bay, MD
    (Returning home after 7 months living on board)

  • Rockhold Creek, Deale, MD
    (We're a bit further down the Creek. But I had to put the camera down and dock the boat.)

  • Alisios back in her slip - the end of our cruise.

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