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Bloody Point Bar Light

South of Kent Island, MD, cir. 1882
Bloody Point Bar Light Standing off the southern end of Kent Island, MD, the water approaching this light is over 140 feet deep then dramatically shoals up to only 6 feet. This light was constructed and commissioned in 1882. However, it began to tilt noticeably within a year. Corrections were quickly made and the light stabilized, but a mild angle is still visible. In 1960, the lighthouse caught on fire, suffered a fuel explosion in its storage room, and the two Coast Guard keepers barely escaped in time. The fire gutted the structure and it has not been manned since. Like Sharps Island Light to the south, which it resembles, it is now a rusting tower with a battery powered light.

Location: Chesapeake Bay, 38.833N 76.391W
Date Built: Commissioned 1882
Type of Structure: Caisson with iron dwelling / tower (spark plug caisson)
Height: 54 feet above mean high water
Characteristics: Flashing white, with 2 red sectors
Foghorn: Yes - horn backed up by a bell
Appropriation: $25,000
Range: white - 9 miles, red - 7 miles
Status: Standing and Active
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