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Chesapeake Light Station

Atlantic Ocean, 14 miles east of Cape Henry, VA, cir. 1965
Chesapeake Lightstation The Chesapeake Light Station is a 20th century "Texas tower" style lighthouse, complete with helicopter pad, built in 1965 to replace the Chesapeake lightship station. It cost $1.7 to build and had a 6 man crew before it was automated in 1980. While it is quite a different sort of "animal" than the other lighthouses covered herein, it can, arguably, be considered the last of the Bay lighthouses and the final curtain to the era of manned light stations on the Chesapeake.

Location: 3654'17"N, 7542'46" W
Station Establishted: 1930 with a lightship
Date Current Structure Built: Commissioned 1965
Type of Structure: "Texas Tower" - Square platform with tower
Height: 120 feet above mean high water
Characteristics: Fixed white light privately shown (not an active ATON)
Foghorn: Yes
Appropriation: $4,000
Range: 24 miles
Status: Standing and Active
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