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Cove Point Light

Four miles north of the Patuxent River, MD, cir. 1828
Cove Point Light Cove Point light was built in 1828 to meet the needs of mariners traveling south down the Bay and to the Patuxent River. It was designed and built by John Donahoo. The brick tower is just over 38 feet tall from its base to the lantern deck. Originally 11 lamps were used, each with a 18" reflector. These were replaced in 1855 with a fifth order Fresnel lens, then again in 1899 with a fourth order lens. While the light is now electrified, the old winding mechanism and counterweights are still in working order. Like other land based lights on the Bay, the keepers dwelling began as a simple single story home and was later enlarged (1883) by the addition of a second story. Several fog bell towers have also graced the site over the years. The light was fully automated in 1986. In the Fall of 2000 it was transferred to the Calvert Marine Museum in Solomons, MD. Shore erosion has always been a problem and several projects have been undertaken to keep the waters at bay. (pun intended.)

Location: Lusby, MD, 38.3863°N 76.3817°W
Access: See Calvert Marine Museum
Date Built: Commissioned 1828
Type of Structure: Conical brick tower with detached keeper’s dwelling
Height: 38 feet above mean high water
Characteristics: Flashing white light
Foghorn: Yes
Builder: John Donahoo
Appropriation: $6,000
Range: 19 miles
Status: Standing and Active
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