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Fenwick Island Light

Fenwick Island, DE, cir. 1858
Fenwick Island Light This 87 foot tower was completed in August 1859 and fitted with a third order Fresnel lens. Two keepers dwellings stand next to the tower, as the duties were shared. The lamp underwent a conversion from lard oil to kerosene in 1879. In 1940 it was automated and both keepers houses were sold. The Coast Guard deactivated the light in 1978 and turned it over to the State of Delaware. It is now maintained by the Friends of Fenwick Island Lighthouse who restored the third order lens and relit the lamp in 1982.

Location: Fenwick Island, DE, 38.4514 N, 75.0548 W
Access: See Friends of Fenwick Island Lighthouse
Date Built: Commissioned 1859
Type of Structure: Brick conical tower with detached keepers dwelling
Height: 87 feet
Characteristics: Fixed white light privately shown (not an active ATON)
Appropriation: $25,000
Range: 15 miles
Status: Standing, but decommissioned and operated privately
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