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Hooper Island Light

West of Hooper Island, MD, cir. 1902
Hooper Island Light One of only 4 Chesapeake Bay lighthouses built in the 20th century, Hooper Island light was erected to warn ships off the shoals on the eastern side of the Bay along the 30 mile stretch from Smith Point and Cove Point. It is one of only 11 lighthouses built in the U.S. where the caisson was sunk using a pneumatic process. In 1961 the light was fully automated and in the mid 1970s the valuable Fresnel lens was stolen. It's shape and color have earned it the nickname of "the spark plug". It is still an active navigational aid.

Location: 38.256N 76.250W
Date Built: Commissioned 1902
Type of Structure: Caisson with iron dwelling / tower (spark plug)
Height: 63 feet above mean high water
Characteristics: Flashing white
Foghorn: Yes
Builder: Variety Iron Works Co. / Toomey Brothers
Appropriation: $60,000
Range: 9 miles
Status: Standing and Active
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