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Newport News Middle Ground Light

Newport News, VA, cir. 1891
Newport News Middle Ground Light This caisson light was commissioned in 1891 to mark the Middle Ground shoal in one of the busiest shipping channels of the Bay. The caisson and tower stand approximately 45 feet above the water. The light was automated in 1954 and is still active. In addition to the nearby Navy base, commercial ports, shipyards, and drydocks, this location is also famous for first battle between two ironclad warships, the U.S.S. Monitor and C.S.S. Virginia (a.k.a. Merrimack) during the American Civil War. In 2005 it was put up for auction under the National Historic Lighthouse Preservation Act and purchased by a private citizen, although the US Coast Guard still maintains the lamp as an active aid to navigation.

Location: 36.9452 N, 76.3915 W
Date Built: Commissioned 1891
Type of Structure: Caisson with iron dwelling / tower (spark plug)
Height: 51 feet above mean high water
Characteristics: Flashing white
Foghorn: Yes
Range: 14 miles
Status: Standing and Active
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