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Bethel Bridge Light (replica)

Chesapeake City, MD, Original cir. 18??, Replica 1996
Bethel Bridge Light (replica) The Bethel Bridge light is one of at least six small wooden lighthouses constructed to mark bridges and locks along the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal. The original light consisted of a tower approximately 30 feet tall which was fitted with a red oil-lamp. This lamp was hoisted up into the lantern room of the light to signal ships to stop. In 1927 the Army Corps of Engineers completed a major restructuring the canal. At this time all of the locks were removed and the canal was widened and deepened. All of the, now obsolete, lights were discontinued. The current full-sized replica of the Bethel Bridge Lighthouse was built in 1996 under the sponsorship of the Chesapeake City, MD Lions Club. It sits on the property of the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal Museum at Chesapeake City, MD.
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