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Scuba diving was our first passion. In the late 1980s, well before it occurred to us to purchase our first sloop, we were dive junkies. We worked with a dive shop in Rockville, Maryland, helped out with classes at night and spent every weekend either at a quarry in PA or diving wrecks off the Atlantic coast. Our addiction to compressed air lead us to quit our jobs in 1989 and move to Grand Cayman, BWI where we worked as instructors for just under a year before backpacking around the world. Although we had done some travelling before, this was our first major walk-about. We have dived numerous Atlantic wrecks from North Carolina to New York, lakes and quarries, warm waters from Central America to the Caribbean, Australia, Thailand, and even a kelp forest off California. Our purchase of Moondance caused a shift in passions and we eventually went through a multi-year dry spell before reconnecting with our old love.

Matthew and Gail Jenkins Diving

Matthew Atlantic Wreck Diving            Gail Diving

           Matthew and Green Moray

           Gai having fun

           Matthew - US Navy Mark V

"In most of the diving training during the 1950s and 1960s, there was a consistent 50% failure rate in professional diving courses. This meant that some sort of standard was being applied. In comparison, there is little or no failure rate in many of the recreational diving courses now being held - suggesting that few or no standards are really being applied, other than the ability to pay."
-- Diving and Subaquatic Medicine: Edmonds, Lowry, and Pennefeather
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